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June 12, 2019 
Laurie S on Sheep Creek

Awesome day! Clouds started to roll in mid-afternoon but good weather otherwise. No signs of animals but there are lots of animal paths so they are around! Beautiful area!  Read More

June 11, 2019 
Kyle on Red Ridge

Very long hike with minimal views, I didn't find it worth it. The road to the trailhead is rough and the second creek is impassable. Doesn't matter what kind of clearance you have. Especially with the rain fall we've had, the water levels are high. To reach the saddle its 11.9km. With a 2-3km h... Read More

June 10, 2019 
Laini on Mount White

Oops that shoudl read Northwest. It is right behind the power station ...over the hill... follow the red cable all the way up. Read More

June 9, 2019 
Laini on Mount White

Great hike! Entrance is not at White Mountain view point. It is before that...there is a gravel road to the left with a yellow gate across it. Park there. Walk up road. Trail entrance is behind power station on the northeast corner...not southwest.  Read More

June 5, 2019 
Kyle on Mount Ripinski

I did this hike at beerfest this year. Very epic views. Lots of room at the summit to roam around and explore more. Some snowy patches at the top, fine with hiking boots but your feet might get wet. Took about 3 hours in total.  Read More

June 4, 2019 
Mabel on Kusawa Ridge

Camped at Kusawa and hiked the ridge trail on May 25th. Beautiful day! We had a couple false starts since most of the comments say to follow the creek and not the trail, however the creek still had quite a bit of ice and we had a baby with us so we didn't really want to risk it. We ended up running ... Read More

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Latest Trail Update

Paint Mountain

Distance: 4 km
Elevation Gain: 714 m (2343 ft)
Time: 4 hours
Difficulty: Difficult

A very steep hike with rewarding views of Pine Lake and the Kluane Front Ranges. There is some infrastructure at the top including a heli-pad, fire-lookout tower, and various communication towers.

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