Fold Mountain Ridge

Distance: 7 km
Elevation Gain: 873 m (2864 ft)
Time: 4.5 hours
Difficulty: Difficult
Region: Tombstone
Date Added: October 17, 2011
Last Update: October 17, 2011

This long ridgewalk offers varied vistas, neat rock formations, and opens up many options for exploring the surrounding area. From the viewpoint up on the high ridges you get a birds-eye view of Alpine Lakes and Fold Lake. And if the weather permits you can even push on to the summit of Fold Mountain (1,973 m).

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The trailhead, a wall of willows, as seen from the highway km 65.5.

Climbing up the slope to access the main ridge (some rock scrambling required).

Looking towards the first high point along the ridge.

Traversing the ridge from the first high point, towards the second.

Climbing up to the second high point on the ridge.

Neat rock pillar formations along the way.

This ridge continues to the summit of Fold Mountain (hidden in the clouds), as viewed from the second high point.

Rapidly changing weather can mean snow at any time of year.

Taking a break amongst the beautiful fall colours.

Driving Directions

Drive to kilometer 65.5 of the Dempster Highway, just north of the Highway Maintenance Camp. Park safely off to the side of the road.

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Trail Description

The hike starts with a short bushwack through the willows. There is a small stream that winds through this area so pick your stepping spots carefully. Once through the willows it is much easier walking up the slope, as the dwarf birch is much shorter. As you work your way up the slope, avoid the rocky outcrop above you, and aim towards a small gully on the right where you'll be able to most easily access the ridge. Some steeper rock scrambling is required to get up to the ridge.

Continue along the ridge as it wraps around and up to the first real high point you can see (after 662 m elevation gain). You can avoid the ups and downs of the ridge by walking just below it to the left (south). There is a large rock cairn on the top of this first high point.

From this point, you will continue down along the ridge to the west and then up to a second high point (another 211 meters elevation gain). This climb can be a little steep and gets narrower and rockier towards the top as you work your way up to your right. There are some neat rocky pillars along the way and great views down into the valleys on either side.

After reaching the second high point on the ridge, you are rewarded with a 360 degree view, including a glimpse of both Alpine Lakes and Fold Lake. This point offers a satisfying turnaround spot, but if you wish to continue to the summit of Fold Mountain follow the west ridge for another 3 km and 80 m elevation gain. There is also the option to follow the right, northeast ridge to meet up with the Alpine Lakes Viewpoint route that actually returns to the Tombstone Park Campground (at km 71 of the Dempster Hwy). Distance and time for this route not included.

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