Charcoal Creek Ridge

Total Distance: 4 km
Return Time: 3.5 hours
Elevation Gain: 514 m
Difficulty: Moderate
Region: Tombstone

The ridge beside Charcoal Creek is one of the closest hikes to the Tombstone campground - it is right across the road. The top of the ridge is bare, and you can walk all the way to Mt. Chester Henderson (and even hike it too!) as a day hike. Check in with the Yukon Parks Staff on any recent trail closures.

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Driving Directions

The trailhead is directly across from the Tombstone Campground on the right side of Charcoal Creek across the highway.

Route Description

Follow the right side of Charcoal Creek for about four or five hundred meters until the trail starts to become grown-over and you can see a small, worn trail on your right. Follow the trail, sticking as far to the left of the face of the ridge as you can. The left face of the ridge is free of brush and makes walking easier than straight up the face.

Contour along and up the left side of the ridge until you get on top of the ridge. The top of the ridge is completely bare, and you can follow it to a nice lookout spot on top which overlooks the otherside of the ridge towards the east.

From the lookout spot, you can turnaround and follow the same path back, or decend the other ridge to the north which is forked, but still on the close side of Charcoal Ridge. The other option is to continue further along the ridge towards Mt. Chester Henderson for a longer hike.

Route Photos

Looking up the face after ascending from Charcoal Creek. Stay to the left to avoid walking through brush.

Close to the top of the ridge, on the left side.

Taking a break on the ridge, looking back towards the highway.

Looking back at the campsite across the highway.

Walking on top of Charcoal Ridge.

Looking further along the ridge towards Mt. Chester Henderson

The view from the lookout towards the east.

The view from the lookout towards the west.

Descending on the north ridge

Walking alongside the charcoal coloured Charcoal Creek.

Sattelite View

Route Comments

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Freya July 1, 2020
Stunning trail!

Found a pair of sunglasses on the trail 30th June. Leave a comment if they are yours.

Kyle September 3, 2019
Saw some dall sheep at the summit :)
Hiked Aug 28

Chris and Heather June 27, 2019
We actually went up on Charcoal Ridge twice during our stay in Tombstone in June 2019 - that is how amazing it is from the ridge. The views are stunning in all directions. The wind can get very strong as you gain elevation. Watch for a small cairn off the side of the highway about 100m south of the "72" km highway marker. Follow the trail down to the creek. Go upstream a few meters until you see a 2x6 laid across the creek. Cross there and keep going straight and slightly left towards the little ridge. There you will see a fairly overgrown track going up the ridge. It was not easy to find the first time. Follow this track all the way up to the ridge and keep going and going. Watch for bears along the creek. We saw some nice prints in the mud!

Josee Leclerc September 9, 2017
Beautiful hike. Hiked the trail as recommended here and it was lovely. I thought I would add some fall pictures in your collection.

Alex Campbell May 25, 2014
Hiked this trail on May 24...and I'm glad I did! After an initial bushwhack for a few hundred meters it was smooth going. Once up on top of the ridge there was a few large sections of snow, but they could all be traversed easily or avoided altogether. Beautiful, 360 degree views, and the ridge was incredibly easy to maintain. Highly recommend this trail if you're looking for great views in a hurry. In theory you could travel east on the massive ridge for hours.